Donald Trump Reportedly Having 'Trouble Breathing' Amid Walter Reed Hospital Stay: 'This is Serious'

Nearly one month before the election, President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. [...]

Nearly one month before the election, President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. The White House has since provided updates on the president as he deals with the respiratory illness. According to Raw Story, the White House shared that Trump was "fatigued but in good spirits." However, CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said that he was hearing something different about the president's condition. Acosta reported that White House officials are "seriously concerned" about Trump's well-being. On Friday afternoon, the White House said that the president was reportedly taken to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment after he began to experience "mild symptoms" related to COVID-19.

Acosta reported that White House officials "have serious concerns about Trump's condition tonight and his symptoms are worse than those of the First Lady at this point, according to our sources." One of the reporter's sources, a Trump advisor, was directly quoted for this report. They said, "This is serious." The source added that Trump is "very tired, very fatigued, and having some trouble breathing." The president initially took to Twitter to share that both he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus. That news came after it was reported that one of the president's top aides, Hope Hicks, tested positive for the illness. Ever since, multiple individuals in Trump's camp, such as Kellyanne Conway and Bill Stepien, and even a few senators, such as Sen. Thom Tillis and Sen. Mike Lee, have tested positive the novel coronavirus.

As previously mentioned, Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday afternoon for treatment. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shared that the president traveled to the facility after experiencing "mild symptoms" related to the illness. White House physician Dr. Sean Colney said that Trump was given an experimental antibody cocktail tested by biotech firm Regeneron. Just before he left for the hospital, Trump's team posted a video message from him in which he updated his supporters on his well-being.

"I want to thank everyone for the tremendous support," Trump said in the video. "I'm going to Walter Reed hospital. I think I'm doing very well, but we're going to make sure things work out. The first lady is doing very well. So, thank you very much. I appreciate it. I will never forget it. Thank you." As he walked to the helicopter to take him to the medical facility, Trump wore a face mask. He did not speak with the media at the time.