Donald Trump Jr. Shares Peculiar Meme Amid Father's Visit to Tornado-Ravaged Tennessee

Donald Trump Jr. recently shared a fairly peculiar meme about his father, amid the U.S. President's visit to the tornado-ravaged state of Tennessee. In a post on Instagram, Trump Jr. shared an altered photo of his father, depicting the Commander-in-Chief with a man bun hairstyle. The image also features verbiage that reads, "There, now Liberals will love him." In the post's caption, Trump Jr. wrote, "Secret Trump Campaign tactics to win over leftists leaked. Hahahah seems legit!!!"

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Many of his followers have since commented on the post, with one joking, "Out of control I love it HAHAHAHAHAH! Put an IPA in his hand that'll seal the deal haha!"

"All He needs now is a metallic coffee thermos and some sandals," someone else quipped, while another user wrote,"Well... He looks handsome in boths ways... He is elegant, powerful and very very Good business man."

"He's not a peoples person so naturally he's not a president or hasn't got presidential materials but I love him," one other user commented. "He has traits that I admire especially when he told himself he wasn't losing to Hilary (and it's as if he told himself that he was not going to lose to her and he was determined to prove it)."

Trump's Jr's unusual post comes as President Trump is in Middle Tennessee, surveying the damage done to the area by a tornado that decimated many homes and businesses earlier this week.

While speaking to reporters as he viewed areas where the tornado had done significant damage, Trump said, "I have a message for the families of those that lost their lives. We love them, they're special people. It's an incredible place, incredible state — Tremendous heart."

He also spoke directly to the mayor's of some of the towns to be hit the hardest, saying, "I just want to congratulate you because the job you've done, everybody is talking about it."


At this time, the tornado's death toll sits at 25 lives lost.