Donald Trump Jr. Faces Backlash After Spreading Transphobic Meme

Donald Trump Jr. is facing social media backlash after spreading a transphobic meme on his Instagram page.

The meme in question features an individual wearing a fur coat and boots while carying a designer handbag. They're also donning a bright blue hairstyle with blue lipstick and visor-shaped sunglasses.

"No no, don't tell me let me guess…Trump is not your president?" the text on the meme reads, with Trump Jr. adding in the captions, "I'll take that bet all day long."

(Photo: Donald Trump Jr. / Instagram)

Many Instagram users have taken to commenting on Trump Jr.'s meme, chiding the son of the U.S. President for spreading anti-LGBTQ propaganda.

"Judge much Jr? The cliche, YOU CANT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER applies here. This post is inappropriate. You should be ashamed of yourself," one person commented. "The Lord is watching you. Please have integrity for your own sake and it will benefit our country."

"What are you trying to imply here? That people like that (who dress, act, etc.) like the person in this meme are all the same and against your father? Why not post a picture of someone professionally dressed with the same comment in this meme?" another user asked.

"This is depressing that you would post this," someone else wrote. "[I was tracking with] you till this, this has no conversation or relational invitation other than showing you clearly don't understand the platform you have been blessed with. Take the post down and let's actual talk about stuff. Don't lose what you worked and others worked hard to get...[influence] and a platform. This is sad and yeah, its prejudiced, own it. Make better decisions."

Some called the businessman out for the bullying aspect of his post, with one person saying, "Literally bullies running our country. He's not my president either, and millions of other Americans. Trans, straight, gay... you are a BULLY! Shame on you."


"The bullying is not okay especially when people decide to commit suicide because of it. This is nothing to be proud of a president should want to be the president of all the people," one other Instagram user wrote. "This saddens me so much as a mother and makes me worry about our young people. I have seen some really nasty comments to the point it's almost scary."

At this time, Trump Jr. does not appear to have responded to the backlash over the post.