Donald Trump Impeachment: President Tweets 'Love Hurts' Video During Readings

It's been announced that Donald Trump has been acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial, but [...]

It's been announced that Donald Trump has been acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial, but during the readings of the results, Trump was busy tweeting out a "Love Hurts" video. In a post shared to Twitter just a little while ago, the classic rock tune can be heard playing over a montage from Trump's recent State of the Union address. Many users have since replied to the clip, with one writing, "This President just exists in pettiness and immoral divisive filth."

"President Trump has won again! Record high approval all while democrats are collapsing. Their fake impeachment failed, they are rigging the election against Bernie again & their leader Nancy had an embarrassing meltdown live on air tearing up the President's speech. It's a crime," another user said.

"People who DISAGREE with you AREN'T necessarily your enemy ... unless you're quite IMMATURE and can't yet fathom that. That's life... Everyday Life," someone else offered.

"Someone please tell me #Nazareth didn't approve of his use of ["Love Hurts"] in this and they send him a cease & desist or better yet, sue!" one other person tweeted with the hashtag, "pretty please."

"Wow look at the [Do Nothing Democrats] sitting on their hands and butts, while everyone else stands and applauds. Every American that loves our country should have been applauding and respectful during the #SOTU2020," a fifth user wrote.

"Trump pouted like a baby by not shaking Speaker Pelosi's hand. She ended his tantrum by robbing Trump of the last word. Ripping up Trump's #SOTU2020 speech was epic move by Pelosi," joked a user, referring to when Nancy Pelosi ripped up a copy of Trumps' speech when he was done delivering it on Tuesday.

"State of the Union viewership plummets 21 percent in one year. Why? We tuned out on Trump because we are tired of his lies, braggadocio and divisiveness," one more user added.