Donald Trump Hints at 'Second Round' of Stimulus Checks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As U.S. citizens eagerly await the stimulus checks that are on the way from the federal [...]

As U.S. citizens eagerly await the stimulus checks that are on the way from the federal government, President Donald Trump has hinted that a "second round" of checks could be on the way. The stimulus bill comes as the current coronavirus pandemic has led to many citizens being out of work, and many businesses having to shut down. According to USA Today, Trump spoke about the possibility of a second stimulus package, saying that it is very possible.

"We could very well do a second round," he stated during Monday's White House coronavirus task force briefing. "It is absolutely under serious consideration." Under the current stimulus plan, millions of Americans will be receiving one-time checks of up to $1,200 per tax-payer, as part of the $2.2 trillion economic recovery package. Trump signed the stimulus bill into law at the end of March. It has been reported that the IRS is planning to start sending the payments as early as next week.

Notably, Trump previously commented on the chances of a second round of payments, saying during Sunday's press briefing that he was open to it. "I like the concept of it," he said, per The U.S. Sun. The Trump administration, as well as well as many congressional officials, have said a second recovery package may be necessary. Regarding the payments on the current package, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin previously on April 2, "I'm now committing to two weeks. We're delivering on our commitments. This money does people no good if it shows up in four months."

Many social media users have since been commenting on the stimulus package plan. One Twitter user said, "The one time $1,200 stimulus check won't actually be materially helpful to most people given that the financial crisis will last for months & months. It is rather a bribe to avoid social unrest. No one is going to save you from this crisis but yourself." Unfortunately there are some Americans who will not be eligible for the stimulus checks, but for those who are, the money will be direct deposited into the bank account they used when filing their taxes.