Donald Trump Campaign Selling 'Baby Lives Matter' Onesies

Donald Trump's re-election campaign is now selling onesies that read "Baby Lives Matter," to spotlight the president's anti-abortion stance. The infant bodysuits are selling for $18 on the campaign website, and are listed as being a "limited edition" item, according to CNN. Notably, the style of the print is fashioned about that of the "Black Lives Matter" logo.

The onesies range in size from 3-months-old up to 24-months-old. They were previously offered in January as a promotional item around the same time as the annual March for Life event, an anti-abortion rally intended to be a protest of 1973's Roe v. Wade decision. Notably, Trump spoke at the rally and is the first U.S. President ever to do so. CNN noted that they reached out to a campaign spokesperson comment on the sale of the onesies, but the spokesperson declined. They did, however, confirm that the onesies were sold concerning March for Life.

The sale of the onesies comes as civil unrest has grown exponentially over the past few weeks, since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd was being arrested on "suspicion of forgery," and while restraining him, an officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Then the incident was caught on video, with Floyd seen and heard pleading that he couldn't breathe, before eventually becoming unresponsive. The video went viral and sparked massive outrage among American citizens.

Floyd's death ignited a wave of Black Lives Matter protests, which have taken place in several major cities around the nation. Some of the protests have been followed by rioting and looting, but the vast majority of them have been peaceful, simply demanding justice for Floyd and an end to police brutality. There have been reports of police misconduct in response to the protests, such as Buffalo, New York officers who were seen on video shoving an older man to the ground. He hit his head and had to be hospitalized. There have also been reports of police unnecessarily using chemicals such as tear gas and pepper spray on crowds that are peacefully protesting. The demonstrators continue to march in the streets, with many protests still taking place daily.