Mom Makes Hilarious Mistake Using Domino’s Pizza App

One mother's struggle with technology is quickly becoming a cautionary tale for pizza lovers everywhere.

Earlier this month, BJ Stead, a guitarist for Ohio-based metal band Miss May I, took to Twitter to share a hilarious moment from his mom Jimmi's first attempt at using the Domino's Pizza app. It was evident that she had serious trouble figuring out the app, which allows you to customize your pizza to your own specifications.

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Somehow, Stead's mother managed to order a pizza without two essential ingredients: cheese and sauce.

Stead took to Twitter to post a picture of the cheeseless, sauceless pizza. The image has since gone viral.

He shared the snap with the caption, "My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forget to get sauce and cheese. Dead."

BJ said that he and his mother didn't eat the pizza, but it didn't go to waste.

"Our dog loved the pizza," Stead said while talking to Us Weekly, "but we were all too busy laughing at all of the Twitter responses to even consider tasting a slice!"

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Since being shared on Twitter, the original post has been retweeted more than 12,000 times and received over 36,000 likes.

After the epic mishap, pizza company DiGiorno seized an opportunity. The social media savvy brand took a jab at Domino's and offered Stead a solution to his mother's troubles.

DiGiorno sent Stead and his mother a coupon for ten free pizzas along with a snarky note.

The letter read, "Hopefully you deleted that app by now...Here's 10 pizzas on us and the best part? They'll all have cheese and sauce."

Some Twitter users found the incident to be suspicious or even a cry for attention. On the Domino's app, the tomato sauce and cheese are default options that you have to deliberately remove or change.


"The app adds cheese and sauce by default. You have to press 4 buttons to remove them. This seems trollish," one Twitter user wrote.

While it is unclear how this epic blunder took place, one thing is for sure: if you are desperately hangry for some pizza, might be best to call it in over the phone.