Doctors Fired After 'Dead' Baby Wakes up on the Way to Funeral

Two doctors in India were fired after a baby they declared deceased woke up on the way to his funeral.

The baby was in a bag in a car driven by his family. On the way to his funeral, the premature baby woke up.

Max Healthcare in New Delhi called it an "unfortunate incident" in a statement Thursday, reports USA Today. The baby was born premature with a twin, who was stillborn. A short time after his birth, the baby was declared dead.

The baby and the body of the still born were both put in a plastic bags. While on the way to a crematorium, the family noticed the baby moving. When they opened the bag, they saw the baby alive.

The baby was rushed back to the hospital and placed on life support.

"We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident," the hospital said in a statement. "We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support."

The father of the baby, Ashish, told a local television station that doctors told him Wednesday that his wife, Varsha, needed an operation because she was bleeding. The doctors wanted more money to improve her chances of surviving.

Police said they are investigating the case and the hospital's treatment of babies.

Max Healthcare, which runs 13 other hospitals in India, said the firings of Doctors AP Mehta and Vishal Gupta are a "reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care."


The Indian Medical Association president, Dr. KK Aggarwal, also told Asia News International there will be an investigation to figure out what went wrong.

"There is definitely a mistake," Aggarwal said. "The difference between a mistake and negligence is deliberate action. I don't think any doctor will do it willfully. But let the inquiry committee find out."