Debra Messing Getting Wrecked for 'Sick' El Paso and Dayton Shooting Tweet Detailing Cremation

Debra Messing has caught backlash from fans on social media following a tweet that called for violence against Mitch McConnell and Dana Loesch following two deadly mass shootings in the United States. The Will & Grace star, who is vocal about her political views on Twitter, was criticized after she retweeted a sentiment aimed at the Senate Majority Leader and the NRA spokesperson.

"If I get killed in a mass shooting please cremate me and throw my ashes into Mitch McConnell's and Dana Loesch's eyes while I'm still smoldering," the post the actress retweeted said.

Messing quote tweeted the message, adding: "THIS. Yessssssss." The message was in reference to McConnell's inability to allow gun control laws to be presented to the Senate, amid a containing overflow of brutal killings throughout the country.

See the photo, posted by The Daily Mail, here.

Twitter users quickly responded to her post expressing their dismay at the actress sharing the graphic words, accusing her of sinking to a new low.

"Debra -- people from all political leanings consume your shows and enjoy you and them. Why would you take a deep dive into the disgusting by reacting like this to a horrific tweet? Take a breath. Get out of the Hollywood mindset for a second and be a person. Thanks," one Twitter user wrote, according to the outlet.

"You're showing a real lack of self awareness, class, and what is appropriate to say immediately after a tragedy," another fan wrote.

"I loved Will & Grace ( it should have been the Jack & Karen show ) but you're obviously a sick person. Please seek help. Seriously," another user added.

"Cremate the remains of her fallen acting career," an outraged Twitter user said of the successful NBC star.

"I don't like Mitch, but this is in very poor taste," another said.

Messing continues to retweet and spread the word on her social media platforms about the deaths, sparking conversation about getting better gun laws and urging GOP leaders to pass reform bills on the table.

Loesch later responded to Messing's tweet writing: "Debra, it is horrific to cheer this."

Messing shared a sound bite from her appearance on Alyssa Milano's Sorry Not Sorry podcast on Instagram Monday, where she rallied for President Donald Trump's impeachment.


In her post she wrote: "Verified This is my statement about whether impeachment is the appropriate road to take against the sitting President. It was given before the devastating and preventable 4 mass shootings in the last 24 hours. I should have included the blocking of back ground checks as another dereliction."

"Please don't bother wishing me death or attack me. This is my account, it's my opinion, if you don't like to hear it, don't follow me," she added.