David Dorn: What to Know About the Late St. Louis Police Captain

David Dorn, a former police captain who was 77-years-old, was responding to an alarm of a pawn shop and jewelry store in St. Louis when he was shot to death. The scene unfolded as protests swept across the nation in the wake of George Floyd's death. Many of the demonstrations were peaceful, but some, such as one in St. Louis, ended up resorting in riots and looting.

Stephen Cannon, the alleged shooter, has since been charged with murder. An accomplice, Jimmie Robinson, also was indicted for first-degree burglary, armed criminal action and stealing. As for Dorn, his loss was felt in the community after many years of serving as a police captain in St. Louis. In total, he worked 38 years on the force. He retired from his position in 2007 before becoming chief in a smaller nearby town, Moline Acres. Dorn responded to the alarm because the store that was being broken into was owned by one of his friends.

Dorn's wife also works for the St. Louis police department, serving as a sergeant. Speaking to the local CBS affiliate, his son, Brian Powell, told the outlet that it was heroic Dorn was doing all he could to protect one of his friends and that if his father had a choice on how to go out, that protecting and serving would be how he'd have chosen. Tim Fitch, who served as the chief from 2009 to 2014, said Dorn was a fun and overall "happy" guy who sought to better the lives of younger people, "He wanted to see them succeed." Fitch added he strived to be a role model for the next line of officers.

The news of Dorn's death and the ensuing charges against his alleged killer comes as the nation sees protests bringing to light police violence while striving to put an end to systemic racism. The video that surfaced of Floyd's arrest in which an officer was seen kneeling on his neck for approximately nine minutes before his death sparked the movement. The four officers involved in Floyd's death, including the three who were on the scene, have all since been charged.