Dallas Zoo Mystery Solved After 2 of Its Monkeys Were Stolen

The missing monkey saga at the Dallas Zoo has come to an unexpected conclusion, while police were still seeking a suspect photographed at the scene. According to CNN, an anonymous tip led police to an abandoned home 15 miles south of the zoo. In the home, the two tamarin monkeys were found in a closet.

As CNN notes, officials determined monkeys that went missing on Monday had been stolen after their enclosure was found cut open, and, "the animals were intentionally taken." "Dallas police, with Lancaster police, went to the home and the home was empty, and the monkeys were found in a closet," Dallas police told the outlet.

The Dallas Zoo celebrated the safe return of the monkeys "We are thrilled beyond belief to share that our two emperor tamarin monkeys have been found," the zoo shared on Tuesday after the monkeys were rescued. "They will be evaluated by our veterinarians this evening."

According to CNN, the incident with the tamarin monkeys is the fourth time in a month that possible tampering has happened at the zoo. A clouded leopard went missing on Jan. 13, forcing the zoo to close during the search for the animal. Police found the big cat's enclosure had been "intentionally cut."

Similar happened at the langur monkey enclosure, though no monkeys escaped. The suspicious death of a vulture named Pin raised eyebrows two weeks later. The bird's death did not come due to natural causes, with the zoo's president and CEO Gregg Hudson noting the vulture had "an unusual wound and injuries."

Police weren't sure if the incidents were connected, but CNN notes the zoo increased security overnight, even limiting some of the animals' ability to be outside at night. The zoo is also offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to a suspect in the vulture's death. Authorities are also seeking a man in a hoodie captured on security cameras who raised suspicious with police. No information was shared about why police are seeking the man.