Cyst Removal Is All the Grossness of Dr. Pimple Popper and Then Some

If pimple popping videos have desensitized you to the point that you no longer cringe when you watch blood and pus ooze from someone else's pores, it's time to test your strength.

The latest contributor to the grotesque video space is Dr. Michael Lewis, and he might just put Dr. Pimple Popper's videos to shame.

Lewis, who runs his own practice in Woodland Hills, California, recorded footage of himself removing a patient's oversized, lumpy cyst on her chest.

The patient's cyst was so large it required a scalpel, tweezers and other tools, as well as an anesthetic.

"Did you shoot me up pretty good?" the patient asked, anticipating the pain. When she could no longer feel pain at the infection site, he began the cringeworthy procedure of removing the epidermoid cyst.

When Lewis sliced the cyst and began squeezing, yellow pus and blood oozed from the incision site.

As the pus was released, the patient let out a sigh of relief — probably at the exact time viewers let out shrieks of disgust.

Lewis removed the infection from the patient's chest, cleaned out the wound and sewed up the gaping hole he cut into her body.


Though only the bravest of viewers can make it through the entire procedure without looking away or making faces of disgust, Lewis says it's all in a day's work.

"I perform multiple procedures weekly from simple things like cleaning out ear wax and joint injections to removal of masses on the skin," he said. "Nothing bothers me too much as far as procedures go, however if the smell is bad it can be really tough."