Coronavirus Outbreak: TikTok Pledges $10 Million to World Health Organization Amid Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic has grown over the past few weeks, the popular social media app TikTok has pledged to donate $10 million towards the World Health Organization [WHO]. The social media platform made the announcement highlighting health care professionals, calling them the "true heroes" during this crisis.

"It's been gratifying to see the global community rally behind the true heroes of this crisis: the health care professionals around the world who are battling on behalf of us all," TikTok's statement started, according to SocialMediaToday. "We believe it's essential to do everything we can to help the global health community in its fight, and today TikTok is donating $10 million to the World Health Organization's (WHO) Solidarity Response Fund."

"This fund helps the WHO carry out vitally important work, including sending essential supplies to front line health care workers, ensuring communities have access to the latest science-based information, and accelerating efforts to discover life-saving treatments or vaccines," the announcement concluded.

TikTok isn't the only social media platform coming forward to help financially. Facebook donated more than $100 million to various initiatives, while LinkedIn pledged a collective $22 million along with a few other companies. Google has also pledged millions of dollars as well.

Several celebrities like Jessica Alba, Ciara and Ashley Tisdale have been using TikTok and posting videos to their social media platforms in efforts to show positivity and keep their followers entertained. In fact, Tisdale's video caught a lot of attention from fans after posting one of her dancing to High School Musical's "We're All in This Together." The video gathered glowing reviews from fans as she encouraged everyone to stay positive and understand that we're all in this together.


"If you need to work out while on [self-quarantine] try this [laughing emoji] hopefully this will brighten your day a little!" she captioned the fun clip. Her former co-star Vanessa Hudgens also combined a video with Tisdale, although instead of standing up and dancing, she chose to sit down at a table and pour herself a glass of red wine. While their followers loved seeing them together again reminiscing on their HSM days, fans weren't as happy with Hudgens after comments she made about being quarantined and saying "death is inevitable" when referring to those who have died or might die due to the coronavirus.

Following her Instagram video that caused quite the stir, Hudgens did come out and apologize to her fans after what she said.