Coronavirus: Donald Trump Responds to Question About His Properties Receiving Emergency Bailout Funds

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, President Donald Trump has responded to questions about the possibility of his properties receiving emergency bailout funds. Per a transcript of his press conference answer, after being asked if his "personal properties would benefit from the proposed $500 billion Treasury fund for large firms," Trump stated that he has "no idea." He also clarified that he is "not running," as his "kids" are currently in charge while he holds office.

President Trump went on to say, "Lets just just see what happens because we have to save some of these great companies. There could be great companies [destroyed] literally in a matter of weeks. We have to save them." Trump also expressed that he believes he is a target for criticism when it comes to his business affairs, telling the journalists, "I guarantee you if I ever took it you all would go after me." He also made note that when he assumed the office of United States President, he "committed publicly" that he "wouldn't take the $450,000 salary."

Many have since been commenting on the situation on social media, with one user tweeting, "I've never been a fan of the president but I root for him to succeed. I think Trump properties should have access to the same SBA loans that every business will. They have employees to look after & should be able to get modest loans like anyone else for payroll."

"So he answered 'let's see what happens' which is usually something he says to cover up a thing he doesn't want people to know. And Trump Org is still dealing with foreign interests," wrote another commenter.

"Trump's donation of salary is simply the sales pitch for his unconstitutional con. He knows full well that he's made far more through federal spending at his properties, and through spending by federal govts., businesses, and politicians seeking his favor," added another critic.


At this time, no decisions have been made on the proposed bailout.