Coronavirus Confirmed Cases Cross 1 Million Worldwide

Reported coronavirus cases have now reached 1 million globally, according to Johns Hopkins University and Medicine's Coronavirus Resource Center. The fatal virus, which was first discovered in China, has made its way across the world, causing many to be hospitalized. Some cases have tragically resulted in death.

While Johns Hopkins medical and scientific personnel do not appear to have issued comments on the new data, they do offer many other resources, such as answers to some of the questions that citizens have about the virus. In an explanation of just what the virus is, the university shares, "Coronaviruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A newly identified type has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory illness now called COVID-19." They go on to say, "COVID-19 can be passed from person to person through droplets from coughs and sneezes. COVID-19 has been detected in people all over the world, and is considered a pandemic. The spread of this new coronavirus is being monitored by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization and health organizations like Johns Hopkins across the globe."

Many social media users have begun to comment on the new data, with one Twitter user saying, "And we are really supposed to believe the United States will see 100,000 - 240,000 deaths if everything goes extremely well? Sorry ....I'm not buying those overblown / scare tactic numbers at all."

"It is pretty amazing how low Japan's number have remained. Maybe there is something to that where most wear those masks to stop it from spreading in the air," another user said, to which someone else replied, "It's not an airborne virus. It does not travel 'through the air.'"

"Our world population sits at over 7.8 BILLION. Stay focused people, continue social distancing and being clean in order to flatten the curve but remember to react to headlines logically not emotionally. We are all concerned but fear wont help anyone," one more user


At this time, medical experts continue to encourage U.S. citizens to practice social distancing and regularly washing their hands, to help limit the spread of coronavirus.