Coors Light Is Paying People to Chill in Hammocks and Make S'mores

Coors Light is paying people "to chill" this summer. With summer officially here, the popular beer brand is giving people plenty of reasons to ditch their office jobs and spend some time outdoors as they start the nationwide search for Beer Bouncers, Hammock Mechanics, S'moretenders and Backyard Lifeguards.

In a statement announcing the new positions, Coors Light said they "know 'dream jobs' pop up often these days, but companies don't usually take it as far as Coors Light has," adding that when they "say we're paying folks to chill, we actually mean it." According to Coors Light, people can "now make your summer paycheck by doing the same seasonal activities you'd probably be enjoying anyway – sitting by the campfire, guarding the beer cooler, playing lifeguard beside an inflatable pool or relaxing in your trusty hammock."

According to an official job listing, Beer Bouncers must have a "passion for ice cold refreshment." Candidates will also "be encouraged to take their work home with them" and must "possess a strong initiative for keeping the cooler stocked at all times." The application says those who are "driven to start, maintain, and enjoy a nice time with friends, without prompting, will thrive in this position."

Interested in becoming a certified S'moretender? The position is "perfect for anyone with a mouth," though applicants must have "a working knowledge of marshmallows and pointy sticks." The job listing adds that applicants must have "a strong command of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, with the ability to combine them as needed." According to the listing, "zero work ethic" is required, and "relevant experience is not relevant."

A Hammock Mechanic will have the very important duty of having no responsibilities at all, though they should be familiar with hammocks and beer. The position offers up a slow-paced environment with zero oversight, and applicants should be "comfortable chilling, hanging out and/or taking it easy for extended periods of time." It is important to note that a working knowledge of snacks is expected, and while sunscreen isn't provided, all Coors Light Hammock Mechanics will be provided with a hammock and beer.


Last but not least, Backyard Lifeguards "must demonstrate a strong ability to sit in a weirdly tall chair and look at stuff" and should have a "keen interest in refreshment." For the role, lifesaving skills "are not required, as no actual lifeguarding will be done, ever." Instead, Backyard Lifeguards are "just going to sit in your backyard and hang out."

People across the country can begin applying for these coveted summer jobs beginning now. Applicants must be ages 21 and up. Coors Light has posted the job listings on Craigslist in cities around the country, including New York, Denver, Tampa, Cleveland and more. You can find out more about the chill summer positions and how to apply by clicking here.