Coast Guard Rescues Turtle Trapped in Cocaine Bundles

The U.S. Coast Guard saved a sea turtle trapped in a floating web of cocaine bundles off the coast of Florida on Tuesday.

The crew was on a 68 day patrol up and down the East coast, watching for drug traffickers trying to sneak product into the country. What they found was a cluster of buoyant packages of cocaine, strung together with about 75 feet of rope. Tangled within was a sea turtle fighting for his life.

First and foremost, the Coast Guard was able to save the turtle, cutting it free and releasing it. They also reeled in all the line to ensure that no more animals would be trapped in it.

As for the contraband, the Coast Guard says they recovered about 1,800 pounds of cocaine, which they're estimating is worth about $53 million to the people who floated it out there.

Check out the video below.

Of course, Twitter didn't fail to make light of the video with some timely reactions.

The Coast Guard hasn't said whether they have suspects or whether the discovery might lead to some sort of conviction.


They also made no indication of whether they thought the floating drugs were part of a smuggling scheme or they'd been lost at sea by accident.