Claudia Conway Posts About Selling Her Dad George's Belongings on eBay

Claudia Conway made some startling claims about her family life on TikTok this week and said that she was selling the belongings of her father, George Conway on eBay. Claudia is the famously rebellious 16-year-old daughter of George and Kellyanne Conway, but now she tells followers that her dad has walked out on the family for good. In his absence, she said that she will auction off his belongings.

"My Dad dipping this morning saying he wants nothing to do with out family and leaving for good," Claudia wrote in a new video on TikTok on Jan. 9. The clip showed her face looking sullen, then a view of her father on the news, speaking with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. A subsequent post showed the same view, with a follower's comment reading: "Haven't seen George in a while," to which Claudia answered: "yeah me neither [laughing out loud]." These posts continued, including a screenshot of her text messages with him and other public call-outs.


i found some mint juul pods in his closet bid starts at $500

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Finally, the climactic moment seemed to come a few days later, when Claudia filmed herself inside of a walk-in closet full of men's clothing and other belongings. She wrote: "selling all my dad's s— on ebay hurry up everything's going fast." In the caption, she added: I found some mint Juul pods in his closet bid starts at $500."

A close-up shot followed where Claudia panned across shelves of her father's items, including a box of golf balls with Juul pods interspersed throughout. However, since then no more updates on her dire family situation have followed.

In the screen shot of her text messages with her father, Claudia mocked him for being active on Twitter but ignoring her messages. Sure enough, George Conway has been busy on Twitter this week, tweeting and retweeting commentary on the Capitol riot and other urgent political issues. However, even there he has not made any public revelations about his home life.


George Conway is the co-founder of The Lincoln Project, a Republican publicity group meant to differentiate between President Donald Trump's ideology and the Republican party itself. However, Conway's motives on this project have often been called into question since his wife, Kellyanne Conway, was a trusted Trump administration adviser for so long.

Either way, Claudia is politically at odds with both of her parents, and she makes no secret about it social media. So far it is unclear where things stand within the Conway household after last weekend's dramatic twists.