Claudia Conway Reveals Police Investigating Screaming Match Between Her and Mom Kellyanne Conway Following Abuse Allegations

Police are reportedly investigating after Claudia Conway posted several videos on TikTok accusing her mother, former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, of verbal and physical abuse. Just hours after the 16-year-old shared the series of disturbing videos, an update video showed Claudia recording as what appeared to be a police officer spoke with a woman believed to be her mother.

In the video, which she captioned, "guys shes telling the police that she is unsafe because she is getting threats –," a woman believed to be Conway can be heard stating her daughter's behavior "came out of nowhere," which Claudia objects to, stating, "it's been happening." The woman tells the officer her daughter "is upset" and has been going through a difficult time in recent weeks and even states she has looked into going to family therapy. The woman also states, "We love her" before the man in the video can be heard suggesting she "get rid of" the teen's devices, including her phone and internet.

Later in the night, Claudia shared another video. In the clip, a tearful Claudia tells viewers she is "on the computer right now" because "everything was taken from me." Claudia said she "spent all day at the police station, and nothing happened. And I don’t even want to post this, because I'm so scared."

Law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ that officers did perform a welfare check on the Conway household after someone called police after seeing one of Claudia's recent TikTok posts. Details of the visit were not provided. The sources said the matter is still under investigation. At this time, Conway has not addressed the alleged police visit, which came just after her daughter released a series of concerning videos.


In the videos, Conway can be heard shouting expletives at her daughter. She also throws things and makes various threats. In one of the videos, Conway can be heard telling Claudia, "You're lucky your mother is pro-life," and "You're never going to record another f—ing thing in your life; it's going for a forensic analysis." Conway can also be heard calling her daughter a "b–" and "a–hole." Sharing the videos, Claudia accused her mother of being "physically, mentally and emotionally abusive."

Claudia, who has 1.6 million TikTok followers, said she is "not looking for attention, I'm really not. I'm looking for safety, that's it," in response to claims she had edited the footage. She also threatened to "release the full videos," explaining that "they are hours and hours and hours long" and she "couldn't fit it all into a 60-second video." Claudia said, "I've literally shown you proof. If you want more proof, I'll give you proof, but I don’t know what else to do."