Michigan Man Admits He Killed His Wife in Suicide Note, Includes Hand-Drawn Map to Her Remains

A Michigan man who committed suicide in October left authorities a hand-drawn map to the remains of his wife, along with a confession that he murdered her. Only a few hours after finding the note, police found her body nearby, partially submerged in water.

Christopher Lockhart, 47, was a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, Theresa, who vanished in May. He never faced charges for her disappearance, though he was arrested four times on separate charges between her murder and his suicide.

Lockhart ultimately took his own life in his home in Portage, Michigan this past October. Police determined that he had been dead for several days before they found him. Next to his body was a suicide note, which included the confession and the map.

The note was dated Oct. 23, and confirmed that the murder took place on May 18, while Lockhart was in a drunken rage. He wrote that the couple had an argument, at the end of which he strangled his wife in their home.

"Detective Hess," he wrote, "I'm sorry for taking her away from everyone. Find her and put her to rest. I had no right to do what I did. I pray that God forgives me. I love her so much."

The map led police to the Allegan State Game Area, where Lockhart had hidden his wife's remains.

Lockhart's arrests leading up to his suicide included drunk driving, tampering with his state-mandated alcohol tether, and cutting his neighbor's Internet and air conditioning cables. He was always a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, but police say they never had enough evidence to bring a case against him.


Theresa Lockhart, who was a Spanish teacher, was reported missing by the school she worked for after repeatedly failing to show up for her classes. Christopher Lockhart was the manager of a Pfizer drug production warehouse, and police say he never participated in the search for his wife. He had also been charged with domestic violence in the past.

The couple is survived by two young children.