Mom's Chilling Booster Seat Warning: 'I Awoke to a Nightmare'

Child car seat safety is gravely important, as one mom recently discovered after waking up "to a nightmare" car accident with her family.

Christine Stephens shared a terrifying story of her and her husband enduring a horrible car accident with their three children while on the drive home from her grandmother's funeral. Stephens began to fall asleep and recalled, "I awoke to a nightmare. The noise of our children screaming, multiple impacts (we think four). The pain was excruciating. I kept screaming for it to stop but I actually didn't know what had happened."

Eventually she came to realize that a large truck had slammed into them going around 50 miles per hour, demolishing their car and sending her whole family to the hospital, according to CafeMom.

Luckily, her oldest child was discharged with no injuries, but her younger two children did suffer from various injuries such as glass cuts, seat-belt burns, and trauma to the head and spine.

Stephens believes that the properly-installed car seats are why her children didn't suffer greater injuries or even death.

"The police, rescue, ambo's, tow truck drivers, trauma teams told us we were all lucky to be alive. They said because our car was so solid and the kids were all restrained correctly we can tell our story. Our girls were found basically facing the roof as the rear of our car is gone," Stephen's said. "Please check your kids car seats, make sure the straps are not twisted and they fit your child properly. Do not allow your child to sit in the front unless there's no alternative."

"I happened to be that annoying person who purchased the expensive version. Today I am delighted I did. The extra safety features saved our children's lives. Because they were installed properly they saved our children's lives," the mother added.


Finally, Stephens encouraged parents to not let other people make them feel bad for being overly cautious when it comes to their car seat safety choices.

"Our son sat in a booster until he was nearly 11 years old (much to his disgust). I didn't care what other parents choices were this was our choice to keep our family safe. I wrote this post with safety and love in mind. No judgement at all. Our own experience has made me want to keep everyone as safe as possible," she said.