Chick-fil-A Giveaway: Free Chicken Nuggets in September

Chick-fil-A fans will remember September 2018 as the best month of the year — the month they got [...]

Chick-fil-A fans will remember September 2018 as the best month of the year — the month they got free chicken nuggets.

The fast-food chain announced this week that starting Aug. 30, it is giving away eight-piece chicken nuggets to any guests who order using their mobile app through Sept. 29.

"We want to thank the millions of customers who have joined Chick-fil-A One on our mobile app, and this is just a small way to show our appreciation for dining with us," said Kaitlyn White, a senior lead of the Chick-fil-A One Membership program.

Each person with the app can redeem the free chicken nugget offer once. Not only will joining the new Chick-fil-A One program get you free chicken nuggets, but the app also offers a reward system to loyal fans who frequent the chain often.

The three membership teals (Chick-fil-A One Member, Chick-fil-A One Silver Member and Chick-fil-A One Red Member) help customers earn points for every purchase that they can redeem for free food. The can even gift their rewards points to friends and family — or donate to Feeding Children Everywhere, an organization that provides healthy meals to those in need.

Chick-fil-A is known for its generosity when it comes to customer service and good promotional deals. In July, as part of its 14th annual Cow Appreciation Day, they gave away a free entrée of choice to any customer who dressed like a cow.

It's also known for less official promotions, like the time this summer when a woman gave birth in a Texas Chick-fil-A restroom and the baby was promised free Chick-fil-A for life.

The rapidly growing food chain is poised to outgrow Taco Bell, Burger King and Wendy's in the next two years. Restaurant consultancy Technomic reported that high scores in satisfaction, positive buzz and likelihood of purchase predict that in two years' time, Chick-fil-A will sit at one of the nation's top fast food chains, behind Starbucks and McDonald's.

David Farmer, the company's vice president of restaurant experience, told BuzzFeed News that he aims to create "[NASCAR] pit crew efficiency, but where you feel like you just got hugged in the process ... We'd better not lose our edge relative to service and hospitality."

Not only has hospitality helped put the chicken chain a step above other restaurants, but electronic upgrades like its on-site tablet ordering and mobile app have helped to speed up service. The chain is also reportedly testing options for meal deliver.