Charles Manson's Pen Pal Attempting to Gain Control of His Body

A new figure has emerged trying to claim the remains of infamous mass murder Charles Manson. Michael Channels, a Manson fanatic who exchanged letters with the prisoner for about twenty years, has a will and testament dated 2002, where Manson apparently leaves him his entire estate. However, Channels isn't the only one who thinks he ha a right to Manson's legacy.

Just a week after Manson's death, Channels filed the will in probate court. He told reporters he rushed to get the document in so that he could make funeral arrangements for his long-time pen pal. He intends to have Manson's remains cremated and hold a service.

However, Manson's remaining family members now have 120 days to contest the will, according to California state law. The will Channels has produced officially disinherits Manson's family and friends, leaving everything to Channels. There's plenty of evidence that the will is legitimate. A copy was sent to Corcoran State Prison's warden after it was written in 2002.

Manson's family might not give up their claim to his possessions so easily, though. The estate could end up being worth millions of dollars, taking into account the rights to Manson's artwork and music, which will always draw a grimly curious audience. Channels reasons that he has the most right to these effects, since he consoled Manson through his years in prison, and ran a blog, a YouTube channel, and a Manson memorabilia website. Channels also appears frequently in documentaries concerning Manson.

Meanwhile, another Manson zealot is claiming rights to Manson's estate. Ben Gurecki, who also sells Manson Merchandise and released a recording of a phone call with Manson just days before his death, claims to have a will that was drawn up just this year, in January of 2017. Gurecki's will names Matthew Roberts as the main beneficiary — a man who says he's Manson's son.


Roberts was adopted; however, in 2001 he tracked down his biological mother, who told him that he was conceived by Manson in an orgy back in 1968. DNA tests have proven inconclusive, but Roberts still asserts that he's Manson's last remaining son, and lays claim to his estate. Gurecki and Roberts' will has yet to be filed in court.

Manson died on Sunday, Nov. 19, of natural causes.