Charles Manson's Body Remains on Ice

A new report regarding the embattled estate of Charles Manson has revealed that the former cult leader's body is still on ice in prison.

Manson's grandson Jason Freeman, who claims Manson didn't have a will when he died, is on the cusp of a heated legal fight with a man named Michael Channels, who claims he is in possession of Manson's legal will.

Until the whole thing gets settled, Manson's body will likely remain on ice as is will only be released to the legal handler of his estate, according to TMZ.

Michael Channels is considered to be an expert on Manson and is also an avid collector of Manson-related artifacts. He also happens to be a long-time pen-pal of Manson.

Per newly discovered records, the two men were in frequent communication for about two decades and Channels claims to be in possession of Manson's will, which he claims leaves the estate to him.

Channels runs a site called "," and is a formerly bankrupt ex-construction company owner who lives in Newhall, California, according to reports.


Journalists attempted to reach out to Channels who was not available, but his apparent business partner, Stoner Van Houten, responded to inquires and confirmed that Channels is involved with the Manson estate.

Freeman has filed legal paperwork in an attempt to make himself the legal manager of Manson's estate.