Charles Manson's Teeth, Prison Items Headed to Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas will get the privilege of displaying convicted murderer Charles Manson's teeth and pantagram necklace.

Zak Bagans, who stars on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, bought several of Manson's personal items after Manson died on Nov. 20. According to TMZ, some of the items Bagans now owns include a set of Manson's dentures and a pentagram necklace made out of toilet paper and underwear while in prison.

Bagans told TMZ that the seller was one of Manson's pen pals and a close friend. He says the words on the teeth — which reads "Mansons Faulsies Teeth" — were written by Manson. The dentures also have swastikas drawn on the two front teeth and x-marks on the bottom teeth.

Bagans said an inmate stole Manson's teeth in a shower in 2010. When the inmate was released, he gave the teeth to Manson's friend. Mason asked for the teeth back in a letter, but the friend never sent it back.

The letter will also be on display with the other items.

The Manson memorabilia isn't the only items from notorious criminals on display at Bagans' museum. He also has serial killer John Wayne Gacy's paintings, memorabilia once owned by murderer Richard Ramirez and Ed Gein's cauldron.

"Every room has its own vibe, its own atmosphere," Bagan said of his museum in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal in September. "Some rooms you feel comfortable in. Other rooms you're terrified."


Manson died on Nov. 20 from natural causes at Corcoran State Prison.