Casey Anthony's Mom Storms off Set During Emotional Interview About Baby Caylee's Death

Casey Anthony's mother Cindy walked out of an A&E interview about the death of her granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, for a special airing Monday night.

In a preview scene from Casey Anthony's Parents Speak, published by The Daily Mail, Cindy blames Casey's father, George Anthony, for their daughter's tendency to lie.

"There was different things that I got the blame for," George begins in the clip.

Cindy then throws up her hands and yells, "No!"

As she walks off the set, "No, but I'm telling you, you lied to me for several years and that's where our daughter got it."

"Don't deny it," George replies.

The couple sat down with A&E to mark 10 years since Caylee Anthony's death. The two-year-old was reported missing in July 2008 in Florida, a month after she was last seen. Her body was found in December 2008, and Casey was tried for murder in 2011.

The trial ended with Casey being found not guilty for first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. She was convicted on four misdemeanor counts related to lying to investigators, but the conviction on two of those charges was overturned. The trial earned national attention, and Casey remains a subject of media fascination.

According to the Daily Mail, Casey's parents were planning to get divorced when they learned she was pregnant. The birth of their granddaughter helped the couple grow closer.

In another clip from the A&E special, the couple made it clear they still have questions about Caylee's death.

"I was told my granddaughter died in the pool. And I want the f– answers to that," Cindy said in one clip.

"As a parent you question a lot of times in life you know what did you do wrong, what could you have done better, but you can never go back," George said in one scene.

In another scene, George said, "We have lost more than you could ever even fathom, I don't want to lose any more."

While George believes Casey had a role in Caylee's death, Cindy is more apprehensive to lay blame on Casey. In fact, Cindy revealed in the special that she still talks with Casey, but George has no interest in seeing her.


George and Cindy Anthony are facing foreclosure of their Orlando home, which they no longer live in, for the third time since 2010. They allegedly owe US Bank National Association $128,852.06 for the mortgage of the home, PEOPLE reported in September.

"Everything changed when Caylee died," a source close to the family told PEOPLE last year. "Everything about the Anthonys was destroyed. The trial ruined George and Cindy's careers, destroyed their happiness, and tore apart the entire family."