Burger King's New Take on Chicken Nuggets Could Soon Come to Your Town

Burger King is giving some of their fans a chance to test their newest chicken nugget creation. What isn't clear is if this is a blessing or a curse against customers.

In participating locations in Canada, Burger King introduces the Dill Pickle Chicken Nugget, which is simply a chicken nugget and a dill pickle slice within. According to Chewboom, the nuggets are considered to be a side, but it would seem you could also turn it into a meal if pressed.

If your Burger King is offering the nugget concoction, you can pick up an 8-pack for $2.99. This includes your dipping sauce, which is something you're charged for in today's fast-food world. The youth of today will never know the day when you could get an entire bag filled with every dipping sauce available.

There is no word on if the chicken treats will make their way south of the Canadian border to American stores. If it does, one has to hope the nuggets fare better than the $1 tacos and land more like the Impossible Whopper in terms of success. And we won't speak of the Burger King hot dog.

The responses on Burger King's social media seems promising. One even admits they hate pickles but think the chicken nugget idea is a good idea. "Jesus. What time do you start serving these because I want them for breakfast tomorrow!!" another added. "Pretty much just wanted to say that these are the best nuggets I've ever had!" a third fan wrote.


The introduction of the nuggets in Canada follows the return of another chicken classic from the fast-food empire in the United States. Earlier in November, the King brought back the Italian original chicken sandwich, an item that hasn't graced Burger King menus for close to a decade.

Dill pickle nuggets also drop on the heels of a pickle shortage for Burger King while testing another new menu addition. Back in April, Burger King in Michigan had a lack of unique pickle jars for their zesty, crunchy chicken sandwich toppers. With the success of the Popeyes chicken sandwich, the pickle has been on the rise as a must-have ingredient to the perfect chicken sandwich. Now, will it make the perfect chicken nugget too?had a lack of unique pickle jars