'Bum Rip' Jeans Are the Latest Trend That Shouldn't Exist

Clothing brand Pretty Little Thing is causing eyebrows to raise with their “bum rip” jeans, [...]

Clothing brand Pretty Little Thing is causing eyebrows to raise with their "bum rip" jeans, leaving many to wonder if it is the newest fashion trend.

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(Photo: Pretty Little Thing)

The online retailer's "black distressed bum rip high-waisted skinny jeans" feature a "distressed bum detail," meaning that it is business in the front and party in the back, quite literally. While the jeans look like a typical pair of black skinny jeans from the front, when turned around they feature large rips right under your bum.

The pair of denim are now raising eyebrows and questions on Twitter, leaving many to wonder if this is the newest fashion trend, and leaving even more to hope that it is a fad that quickly fades out.

"Have they gone mad???" one Twitter user questioned, stating in a later tweet that "Those jeans are a HAZARD. WHO APPROVED THEM????"

The jeans will set customers back a whopping $168. They are available in black and light blue wash and from sizes 6 to 16. Sizes 6 and 14 have already sold out, meaning that several people are already turning "heads by showing off your best assets in these fierce skinny jeans."

Some people, however, are wondering how well the jeans would hold up given that they are already ripped and the tears are in a peculiar spot.

"I'd feel like that would rip every single time u sit down and get up," one person speculated.

The barely-there jeans are not the only article of clothing to face scrutiny in recent weeks.

A dress that is lacking in fabric recently earned backlash, and found itself on the receiving end of jokes, from moms.

The Lace-Up Open Back Bodycon Tank Dress from American retailer Dress Lily had many moms wondering why $30.84 is being charged for a small amount of fabric that leaves little to the imagination. The dress, described on the site as "extreme sexy and alluring, this mini bodycon dress featuring skin baring lace-up throughout the body, elastic fabric," is composed of a front and back piece that is held together by nothing more than a black string that is tied at the bottom, and it left one mom so outraged that she took to parenting sight Mumsnet to see if she was the only one.

It turned out that most people felt the same way, many appalled by how revealing the dress is, commenting with everything from "No wonder it's so cheap. It's only half a dress" to "I've got pants with more material that that."

Some moms even poked fun at the risqué dress.

"Crying out for one of those comparison shots. How it looked on the model and how it looked on me," one mom wrote.

"I reckon the combination of my back fat and the ties would keep it secure, any recommendations for shoes?" Another person joked.