New Report About Bruce Paddock Calls the Criminal an ‘Evil Genius’

In light of the Las Vegas shooting this past month that claimed the lives of 58 people and injured 500 more at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock's brother Bruce has been thrust into the limelight for his own twisted criminal history and behaviors.

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Earlier this week, it was discovered that Bruce Paddock was not only accused of numerous child pornography crimes, but had threatened to kill San Fernando Valley shop owner, Hector Cruz.

In a report from KTLA, Bruce allegedly threatened to kill the shop owner, who called the criminal "a meth addict" and "evil genius." Cruz went on to reveal that Bruce said he was a "zombie" and that even if he died, he would return from the dead.

The shop owner reveals the two met in the '70s and bonded over a love of auto racing, but just three years ago, Bruce needed serious help. He ended up squatting in Cruz's shop's attic, setting up "homemade cameras" around the shop and listening to employee conversations.

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Cruz reveals that when Bruce would leave the shop, he would "walk around naked," heading outside in the same manner as well.


Additionally, he sat on the roof of the shop, threatening to burn the building down with Cruz inside and booby-trapped the sink so that his former friend would "electrocute himself." He also sprayed flames out of a propane tank at Cruz's employees.

After eight months, Cruz and his employees got a restraining order and kicked him out of the building. However, the owner is scared that Bruce will return and terrorize his employees.