Hero Boyfriend Kept Slain Woman's Jealous Ex From Killing Her 4-Year-Old Son

A man is being hailed a hero after he saved his girlfriend's son after she was murdered by her ex.

A man who has asked not to be named is being hailed a hero after he saved the life of his slain girlfriend's son by jumping off a second-story balcony with the four-year-old as they were being shot at, PEOPLE reports.

"[He] is just an absolute hero. He is an amazing man inside and out," Destiny McKinney, the sister of Kacey Renee McKinney, who was killed in the shooting, said of her sister's boyfriend.

The incident occurred on the night of Tuesday, Feb. 13, when Bradley Thomas Woss, 33, McKinney's ex-boyfriend and father of her four-year-old son, showed up at her apartment in Redding, California. Enraged by McKinney's relationship with her new boyfriend and that she had told him she no longer wished to see him the previous day, he entered the apartment armed with a gun.

McKinney, her son, and her boyfriend managed to make it to her bedroom, but Woss kicked down the door, beginning to hit and kick McKinney's boyfriend when he tried to protect her. In the ensuing chaos, Woss fatally shot McKinney and then turned the gun on her boyfriend and son.

"Then he aimed at her boyfriend and my nephew, so (the boyfriend) grabbed my nephew really tight and jumped off the balcony with him. Brad shot another round at them while they were jumping off the balcony," Destiny McKinney said. "They were hiding in the bushes in the dark while Brad walked by," adding that the boyfriend had to hold his hand over the four-year-old's mouth so Woss wouldn't hear them.

"He tried to save my sister, but he wasn't able to, but he did everything he could to protect my nephew and make sure he was safe," McKinney said. "He saved the only thing we have left of my sister. All she would have wanted is for someone to protect her baby. And he did."


Woss fatally shot himself at a local golf course five days later while on the run from police.