This Woman Had 13 Surgeries to Look Like 'Idol' Ivanka Trump

Her name may be Tiffany, but one woman is hoping to transform into the President’s daughter [...]

Her name may be Tiffany, but one woman is hoping to transform into the President's daughter Ivanka with the help of major plastic surgery.

Tiffany Taylor, who appeared on Botched Thursday, August 17, says she's undergone multiple procedures in the last year to look like the American icon, but she isn't finished.

"I've had 13 surgeries," she said. "And I was so pretty before but I'm just more elegant now."

The woman sought out Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow for corrections of the nose job and eyelid lift she'd already undergone to look like Trump, who she says is "a role model for all women."

Taylor has already undergone two breast augmentations, liposuction on her stomach, butt and arms, cheek filler, an eyelid lift and a nose job, among other procedures.

Nassif told Taylor, "I'm pondering this conversation for a minute. I'm trying to figure out why would you want to do that much of a transformation that quick."

She began her transformation about 4 to 5 months after her 10-year marriage fell apart, she admitted.

In a separate camera room, Dubrow said: 'It is very common for people after a traumatic event or a break-up to come in and want to have plastic surgery. You have to be very careful with those individuals so that they're doing it for the right reasons and they don't have unrealistic expectations. That can be a real red flag."

The doctors refused to operate on Taylor, citing that her nose hasn't had the proper time to heal and settle since her previous surgery. Taylor wanted her nose to be reconstructed with a "scoop" similar to Ivanka's, but Nassif said he wouldn't feel comfortable performing a surgery that doesn't result in a natural look.

Still, Taylor vows she'll have the surgery. "I want to cross the finish line, I never want to quit."

'Tiffany should give it time and wait to get any more surgery done, in say, four years!' Dubrow joked.