Black Friday: Walmart Shopper Takes Selfies as Fight Rages Behind Them

With Thanksgiving 2019 in the books, America and the rest of the world move on to the marathon that is Holiday Shopping Season. Black Friday has become a holiday of sorts at this point, expanding earlier and earlier into the family feast holiday.

Each year people are hit with images of deal-seekers, shoppers and onlookers rushing into department stores, trampling over other people and then rushing to get their hands on the many discount items lined up around the store.

But the gold of the day are the numerous fights and clashes that break out as people try to seal those deals. This one from a Dallas, Texas Walmart was shared by Twitter user Angel Garcia and shows a group of people battling over a pile of flat screen TVs.

What makes it unique is Garcia's decision as the melee breaks out.

"Took selfies w/the Black Friday fight at Walmart," Garcia wrote on the post alongside three snapshots of part of his face and the gang behind him.

The post garnered a few fun replies in the comments, with many commenting on the scene itself and how those involved were reacting.

"Iconic," one person wrote.

"Welcome to the [Royal Rumble] of shopping," another added.

"Baby in the cart mad scared," a third wrote.

Fights across the world seemed to break out randomly, showing the stressful nature of the day and the tensions running high for those looking for early gifts.


While this was a tradition for several years, the mad dash and mayhem of Black Friday has calmed down a bit in the digital age. At the same time, it has also opened up more Black Friday content to make its way online. The frequency and severity of the fighting has dropped off significantly according to The New York Times in 2018, but the reach thanks to social media has only grown. More people globally can watch and share the antics of shoppers on the day.

"Passions still flare in stores, but Black Friday has become increasingly sedate as it stretches into Black November and shoppers find deals online through events like Amazon's Prime Day and Cyber Monday," the New York Times reported in 2018. "Walmart, Target and other retailers are also trying to keep customer frustration under control by equipping employees with mobile checkout technology, uploading store maps to their apps and offering shoppers free coffee and snacks this year."