Black Friday: Here's What You Should Avoid Buying This Weekend

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days to shop of the year as shoppers gather gifts for [...]

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days to shop of the year as shoppers gather gifts for the holidays at a discounted rate. But because the holiday has become so popular among Americans, it's almost one of the most competitive days to purchase certain items. While it may kickoff the holiday shopping season, it's not always the best day to find the best deals.

According to CBS News, or consumers looking to buy laptops, computers or clothes, the best day for these deals are Cyber Monday. This day offers buyers better deals on computers and technology for gaming.

The following day is "Travel Deal Tuesday" and those looking to get a good deal on flights and hotels should wait until Dec. 3. Based on analysis of 25 billion flight and hotels prices, travel deals are always lower following the Thanksgiving shopping period.

For those wanting to purchase items like toys, games and Christmas decor, they should wait closer to Christmas to purchase these gifts. If a specific toy isn't on the cuff of running out, then it's okay to wait closer to the holiday to buy because chances are, the price will be lower.

While there are a slew of items people should avoid purchasing on Black Friday, there are still plenty of things that are good to buy the day after Thanksgiving.

Televisions, gaming consoles, popular toys and smart home devices are all good to grab up on the popular shopping day. However, decidedly whether to do online shopping and in-store purchasing is another debate.

Today, Black Friday shoppers who were looking to buy from Walmart online, weren't so happy because of how the company's site was running. Several took to social media to express their dismay for the experience. People were seemingly having trouble ordering their items because either the page wouldn't refresh quick enough or they noticed items were sold out before the sale even started. Those who were frustrated with Walmart, showed their praise for other companies like Amazon and Target.

On the flip side, there are others who prefer to avoid the in-store experience due to fights that break out and for those who are working and unable to make it. Early this morning, there was a brawl that erupted outside of a Forever 21 store in Pennsylvania. Video was taken inside the mall of the large fight that cause security to scatter.