Beyond Meat Enters the World of Beyond Jerky

Beyond Meat is branching out with its plant-based meat products, this time taking them on the go! The company and PepsiCo, through their Planet Partnership joint venture, has officially rolled out Beyond Meat Jerky nationwide, a new on-the-go snacking option that marks the brand's first shelf-stable product.

Beyond Meat Jerky is a plant-based jerky that offers "a full-flavored, on-the-go snack experience." Marinated and slow-roasted to offer the savory experience of traditional beef jerky, Beyond Meat Jerky is available in three flavors. Original boasts a slightly smoky, slightly sweet flavor with hints of onion and garlic. The Hot & Spicy variety turns up the heat with tangy chili heat and, according to Chew Boom, is finished "nicely with just the right amount of sweetness." The Teriyaki variety features hints of caramelized onions and garlic, providing a sweet and bold teriyaki flavor.

"We are thrilled to introduce the first product from Planet Partnership, our joint venture with Beyond Meat and PepsiCo," Dan Moisan, CEO of Planet Partnership, said in a press release. "The nationwide launch of Beyond Meat Jerky will make plant-based meat accessible to millions of households. It tastes great, it's a good source of protein, and it's convenient to eat whether you're on the go, at the office or out on adventures."

Beyond Meat Jerky features 10 grams of protein per serving and has no cholesterol. It is made with simple, plant-based ingredients, including peas and mung beans, all without GMOs, soy or gluten. All three Beyond Meat Jerky flavors are now available at retailers nationwide.


Beyond Meat Jerky marks the first product under Beyond Meat and PepsiCo's joint Planet Partnership venture. Founded in 2021, Planet Partnership "combines Beyond Meat's leading technology in plant-based protein development and PepsiCo's world-class commercial capabilities to bring new and exciting ways to surprise and delight consumers." Beyond Meat teased that Beyond Meat Jerky will be the first of "many plant-based protein innovations-from snacks to beverages-that can contribute to building a more sustainable food system while positively impacting human health and the planet." Beyond Meat Jerky's nationwide rollout was followed by the April 7 launch of the Beyond Burger and Beyond Meatballs at approximately 2,000 stores nationwide.