Barbara Walters Shows Donald Trump No Mercy in Resurfaced 1990 Interview

Barbara Walters began trending on social media Thursday, after a resurfaced 1990 interview she did with Donald Trump began making the rounds. In the video, Walters showed Trump absolutely no mercy when it came to his business claims and his opinion of the media. The beginning of the clip reveals Trump lamenting the "press reporting" surrounding him. "I hope the general public understands how inherently dishonest the press in this country is."

Walters replied: "As a member of the press, let me try to clear up some of the things that you say are untrue." The iconic journalist then read a quote from Trump about his then-plan to get out of bankruptcy. "My bankers and I worked out a terrific deal that allows me to come out stronger than ever," Walters said, reading Trump's quote. "I see the deal as a great victory." She then addressed Trump "being on the verge of bankruptcy" and "being bailed out by the banks." Trump attempted to interrupt and Walters spoke over him, saying he was "skating on thin ice and almost drowning." She then asked, "That is a businessman to be admired?"

Trump then acknowledged her comments about his bankruptcy situation, saying how she was listening to "what people say." Walters fired back, "I talked to your banks" to which Trump replied, "Well, that's fine. What did they say? Depending on which bank you talked to, what did they say?" Walters clarified that she spoke with "several" of his bankers. Finally, Trump claimed that he was initially told by his banks that he made bad real estate decisions, but then later they began praising him for making a "great deal." Walters quipped, "No, they're not." The full interview is currently available to watch here on YouTube.


Walters has gone toe-to-toe with Trump a number of times in the past, once speaking to him in 2015 and asking, quite directly, if he is "a bigot," during a World News Tonight interview. "Not at all. Probably the least of anybody you've ever met," Trump replied, prompting Walters to ask him, "Because?" He answered, "Because I'm not. I'm a person that has common sense. I'm a smart person. I know how to run things. I know how to make America great again. This is about making America great again."