Avoid Insect Bites This Summer With These Bug Spray Hacks

With a couple of smart tips, here are some ways to beat mosquito and other insect bites this summer, ABC News reports.

Though it may be tempting to layer on the bug spray, extra coats of insect repellent will not add any extra protection!

One coat of spray to exposed skin is enough, and the CDC recommends spray with "DEET" for the best protection.

For those who want to avoid the chemicals, natural options include sprays with eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, neem, and citronella oils.

If you're unsure how much protection a repellent offers, visit the EPA's Insect Repellant Search Tool to find out if the product you are using is the best for your situation and has been proven safe and effective.


And if you need to apply bug screen to your face — and the CDC says it can be combined with your sunscreen — spray it on your hands first and then apply to your face!

Now go out and have some fun this summer, Womanistas!