Apple Releasing New Emojis for Gingers, Superheroes, Toilet Paper

Those with Apple devices are about to have a slew of new emojis to choose from to up their texting game.

More than 157 new emojis are set to be made available to Apple device users on Tuesday, June 5, with Unicode's 11.0 update, according to Business Insider. Among the new emojis is the already highly anticipated and long-awaited emoji for those with ginger hair, along with toilet paper, superheroes, bagels and kangaroos.

The emojis, originally announced in February, will be available on several operating systems, including Twitter, Google and Apple, though the latter two will likely wait to include the emojis until a broader operating-system update.

The new emojis will bring the emoji total to 2,823, according to Emojipedia, the nonprofit governing body responsible for determining which emojis get added annually.

As previously stated, the new emojis were originally announced in February and include a set of 157 new graphics. Along with the option for users to select red hair, there will also be options to choose from curly hair, white hair, and baldness.

Popular activities, such as sewing, knitting, lacrosse, and skateboarding, will also be included in the update.

Emojipedia gained some backlash from Maine residents during the initial release of the sample images for their anatomically incorrect depiction of a lobster.

Pine Tree State residents were quick to point out that the Unicode Consortium had depicted a lobster as having eight legs instead of the anatomically correct 10 legs. The site immediately responded to the concern by unveiling a new and much more acceptable lobster emoji that was well-received by those in the state known for their lobsters.

"I have to say that I'm a bit embarrassed we didn't get the leg count right the first time, but I'm happy it was brought to our attention so quickly! I hope to visit Maine one day and will be sure to make liberal use of the lobster emoji when I do," said Jeremy Burge, Chief Emoji Officer at Emojipedia.

The new emojis will join Apple's Animoji, a feature that allows users to implement their facial expressions onto emojis. The new technology, announced in September during Apple's kewnote event, was made available for iPhone X holders with the iOS 11 update.


On Google devices, the 157 new emojis will be joining the newly released water gun emoji, which took the place of the pistol emoji in April.