Apple Maps Down Worldwide and Users Aren't Pleased

Apple Maps has apparently gone down worldwide and users of the GPS app are not pleased about the situation.

As reported by The Sun, locations and directions are not loading, prompting users from all over to take to social media to complain.

"Hey [Apple Support,] how about some indication of when [Apple Maps] is going to come back. I had to download Google Maps. The one time in a month that I need the service and its down? Please search 'apple maps' on Twitter for confirmation of the problem," one user tweeted, attempting to speak directly to Apple about the issue.

"Are Apple Maps broken for everyone else too? According to the [Apple status page] everything should be fine. But it can't find even complete addresses that Google finds without problems," another user tweeted, hoping to find out if anyone else was having issues.

"Anyone else's apple maps giving them the middle finger this morning? Seriously like no joke," one person quipped while someone else fired off, "Shout out the the [Apple] map app for ruining my morning."

Many people have started suggesting that Apple Maps users switch to Google Maps instead for the time being, as that app does not appear to have any issues.

"apple maps decided to stop working completely when i stopped in the middle of my drive, almost stranding me in the middle of nowhere. i'm a google maps stan now," one person said.


"I'll use a compass before I ever use Apple maps again, that s— send you to the wrong location on purpose," someone joked.

Apple is reportedly aware that "users are experiencing a problem" but has not advised when users can expect it to be resolved. The company added that they are currently "investigating."