Apple Bug Allows iPhone Users to Hear People They FaceTime Before They Answer

Apple iPhone users better watch what they say, because a new bug is allowing people to hear them through FaceTime before they even answer the call.

According to The Atlantic, the bug has been letting callers hear, and sometimes see, the person they are contacting without the person accepting the call on the receiving end.

The outlet notes that Apple has currently disabled the service until they are able to install a fix that will keep this from happening.

Ever since the news of the FaceTime bug emerged, iPhone users have taken to social media to comment on it, with many making jokes about the inadvertent privacy invasion.

"Give a damn about a FaceTime answering itself.. I said what I said and I’ll say it again, b—," one person quipped.

"Most of the people who are worried about the IOS 12.1.3 FaceTime bug don't need to one cares about you nearly enough to eavesdrop on you in real life, let alone listen to your boring home life," someone else tweeted.

How long have people been spying on each other before the iPhone #FaceTime bug was made public? I wanna know....LoL," another person joked. "How many breakups and fights did it cause? How many private moments and discussions did it disclose?

A few celebrities have chimed in with their takes as well, with rapper Wale saying, "I never liked FaceTime... jus text me an I’ll see u when I see you Slim."

Rapper Freddie Gibbs added that he thinks using "FaceTime with no appointment is disrespectful."


Some have also noted that their FaceTime app does not appear to be experiencing the glitch, so it is possible that not all iPhones are affected, but that it is unconfirmed.

There is also a chance that Apple has already rolled out a fix, but that too is currently unknown.