Amazon Prime Day 2020: Prime Day Sucks, Here's Why

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still rolling on, and Amazon Prime subscribers still have time on the [...]

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still rolling on, and Amazon Prime subscribers still have time on the clock to wrangle deals. However, the value might vary depending on what this year's Amazon's Prime Day sale offers. There are no shortage of solid deals on Amazon's in-house products, electronics (video games and TVs included), and a fair share of exciting style deals. However, there are always items that are just strange cause people to question if Prime Day is worth the hype.

Another hurdle this year is the proximity to the holiday season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company decided to postpone Prime Day until October. While it is necessary from a safety perspective, it drops the event right on the cusp of the holiday shopping season, making it difficult for third-party retailers and hitting Amazon employees with an early start to the busiest shopping season of the year. It's also no fun for consumers and their wallets.

Prime Day deals in years past have featured a menagerie of oddities amid the sea of electronics, smart devices and lightning deals. 2019's Prime Day offerings included some bizarre things that nobody could've signed on to purchase out of the blue according to Gizmodo. They point out a dog DNA test from Wisdom Health Store, a set of Bostitch Office Twist-N-Sharp pencil sharpeners and a variety pack of Keurig K-Cup coffee from Crazy Cups Store. If anything is clear, it's that Prime Day is a lot of impulse buying covered by a small percentage of great deals.

But is Prime Day the best place to grab the deal? Is the price the same or less elsewhere? There is also the benefit of having Prime Day in October in relation to other retailers like Walmart and Best Buy. The holiday season planning is already in effect, with the pandemic transferring much buying into Amazon's turf.

Grillaholics BBQ Meat Shredder Claws


As the description for the Grillaholics BBQ Meat Shredder Claws on Amazon reads, these will make you feel like Marvel's Wolverine as you either shred your meats or carry them with ease. This tool from Grillaholics is very cool, that cannot be denied. But it's also a product that asks, "is this worthy of Prime Day?" The answer is apparently yes. If you're interested in the Grillaholics BBQ Meat Shredder Claws, see where the deal stands here.

While tech is a major sale item during Prime Day, it is also something to be wary of purchasing without shopping around. Televisions from 2019 for example could be going for a lower price than the 2020 model while operating the same. There is also redundant tech or tech that is on the edge of being obsolete. And let's not forget the tech that you might not ever think you need until it's a Prime Day sale item.

OVLUX Professional Nail Dryer 72W

(Photo: Amazon)

This professional nail dryer from OVLUX feels like a product you would only buy because it is on sale on Prime Day. Any other day of the year you'd be perfectly content blowing on your nails or letting the air dry them after painting, mostly due to the fact you aren't a professional. And unless you're professional at painting nails, it doesn't seem like you'd need to splurge to become a professional at drying. Still, if you're looking for a solution, you can check out the OVLUX Professional Nail Dryer at Amazon while the deal lasts.

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer

(Photo: Amazon)

If you've ever been standing at the deli at your local grocery store and debated the need for your own meat slicer, Prime Day is here for you. Chefman's home electric meat slicer will allow you to slice your favorites at home despite the natural need to continue going to the grocery store or butcher. The $55.00 price is on point for those looking for a deal, but the question of "need" lingers. If you feel you'd use this item for more than one use, the Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer is available right now at Amazon.

Finally, we have the odd items—the items nobody would want to buy usually but gain attention through Prime Day or other similar sales. Amazon currently offers coupons for Thank You for Your Service military appreciation coins, ranging from $9.95 - $19.95.

LIKEE Electric Balloon Pump

(Photo: Amazon)

Blowing up balloons by mouth is old and tired. Clearly when you're a heavy balloon user, you need to find a better way. The LIKEE Electric Balloon Pump is great for the clown on the go, the parent who wants their children to feel special or just a person who loves balloons. It's also shaped like a pig, so it's adorable. If you can't believe this is a Prime Day deal, check out the LIKEE Electric Balloon Pump at Amazon and see the truth.

As it stands, there are plenty of items you can buy through great deals on Prime Day. If you need a television or a tablet, you might not be able to find better deals elsewhere. Even pre-Prime Day deals are tempting. Past tech, Amazon brands are also worth looking into as cheaper clothing options, cleaning supplies, and daily items. Don't allow yourself to be sucked into waiting for a lightning deal, typically impulse buys according to The New York Times, or purchasing items you may not need at all. You have the luxury of being online and connected to any store you want to pursue. Don't treat Prime Day as just any day at the store. Be mindful and smart. It doesn't have to suck. Check out our TV buying guide here. editors choose the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.