Alleged Harasser Investigated After 24-Year-Old Actress Alexandra Djavi's Death

A representative for the Russian Consulate in Mumbai is calling on police to investigate a photographer in connection with the death of actress Alexandra Djavi. The 24-year-old Russian model, who made films in Tamil, was found dead at her apartment in Goa, India on Aug. 20. Djavi was found hanging at her apartment, leading police to believe she may have taken her own life, reports Times of India.

Police have not conducted an autopsy since they are waiting for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Russian Consulate, The Tribune of India reported on Aug. 24. They have already interviewed Djava's boyfriend, who was living with her at the time. However, advocate Vikram Varma, the Goa representative of the Russian Consulate in Mumbai, wants police to investigate the "possible role" of a photographer from Chennai in Djavi's death. This is because Djavi filed a sexual harassment complaint against the photographer in 2019. According to The Hindustan Times, police are already looking into this angle.

"I was informed that the woman had been hounded and blackmailed by a person in Chennai. After a preliminary inquiry, the Chennai police had found enough evidence to register an FIR and subsequently arrest him," Varma said. Varma believes the case "may have other facets which are not clearly visible at this stage." He also said the Russian Consulate plans to cooperate with local Indian officials.


Djavi is known for starring in the 2019 movie Kanchana 3. She had over 30,000 followers on Instagram. She posted her last Instagram photo on July 31. "We all get changes," she wrote in the caption. "Some of the people know how to use changes for better life, other just thinking in past and can't see future." Djavi's fans have flooded the post with condolences. "May your soul rest in peace sis," one person wrote. "May your soul rest in peace," another commented.

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