A Healthy Living Practice Erin Andrews Swears By

Everyone knows that Erin Andrews, Fox Sports reporter and co-host of Dancing With The Stars is just the coolest. She's strong, motivated and all about that healthy living. She's also proven she's one of the toughest women in media today!

A little rain and some meditation...now that's a good Sunday @stolly28

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Andrews posted a photo to Instagram of her and a friend meditating on a rainy Sunday in California. A huge supporter of finding balance and quiet in her life, Andrews will often opt for a yoga or barre session instead of a run.

"A little rain and some meditation...now that's a good Sunday..." she wrote in the caption. We couldn't agree more.

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woman meditating at home

Want to try a meditation like Andrews? You've come to the right place! Here are some tips to get started.

1. Get situated. Find a comfortable place (away from the kids) to sit. You can be cross-legged or not.

2. Stretch first. This will loosen your muscles and relieve tension in your body. This is also a great way to get out the jitters before you settle down into a meditative pose.

3. Breathe. Move your attention to taking long, slow breaths. This will slow your heart rate and help you relax.

4. Let it go, but don't stress. "What am I going to make for dinner tonight?" and similar questions might be running through your head, but don't despair. Acknowledge the thought, and then let it go. When your mind starts to wander, try to refocus.


5. Remember you're not perfect. Even if your first attempt at meditation was a little confusing or "unsuccessful," that's okay! Try again next time. Relaxing and clearing your mind will only get easier and easier with practice. Here are practical tips for beginners that will help you in your meditation practice.

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