6 Times Michelle Obama Proved to Be the Fittest First Lady Ever

First Lady Michelle Obama is well-known for her commitment to educating the American public about health and exercise. Her school lunch initiative helped shape up the nutrition profiles of lunches across the country and her Let's Move campaign encourages kids to get active.

We saw her jump rope at the White House in 2009 during her Healthy Kids Fair, which promoted exercising and healthy eating among kids.

michelle obama jump rope white house
(Photo: Getty/Win McNamee)

We saw her do pushups in South Africa in 2011, where she encouraged kids, especially young women, to engage with their government and stay in school.

michelle obama doing pushups in south africa
(Photo: Getty/Michell Rall)

We saw her beat Ellen Degeneres in a pushup challenge in 2012.

And we saw her doing jumping jacks at a Let's Move event in 2013.

michelle obama jumping jacks
(Photo: Getty/Win McNamee)

Today, the 52-year-old Chicago native looks as fit and fabulous as ever, and now we know why. Check out her "#GimmeFive" workout below!


Click on each exercise below featured in FLOTUS' workout to learn how to do it!

Who else would love to work out in the White House every day? Could you get through the First Lady's workout? Share your thoughts in the comments below!