$300 Unemployment Benefits: Here's When Each State Will Send out Payments

More than half of the states have been approved for the extra $300 weekly unemployment benefit that will be provided by the federal government. With the majority of the country now approved, many are wondering when exactly these additional payments will begin to roll out. So far, only two states have started paying out the claims: Arizona and Texas.

Outside of those two, 29 other states have been approved and are poised to begin following through on payments. According to Forbes, of those states, Louisiana and Missouri appear to be the first who will follow through as the state is expected to begin payments before August ends. Kentucky and New Hampshire expected to be next in line sometime in the early parts of September. Many states will start to make payments some time in the middle of the month, including Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Utah. Maryland is said to be ready sometime before the end of September. The rest of the states that have been approved have not announced any timetable.

A handful of states have still not applied to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Those states will have a deadline of Sept. 10 to file their applications. This list includes Florida, the District of Columbia, South Carolina and New Jersey. Meanwhile, South Dakota has already stated it will not be applying. The state’s governor, Kristi Noem, said this is because the area never shut down and 80% of job losses have been recovered since the pandemic began. All of this comes from an executive order issued by President Donald Trump, noting that $44 billion in disaster relief money from FEMA would help to provide those who are eligible for unemployment. As part of this, though, states would be required to create a new payment system to accommodate Trump’s offer.

With a slight boost coming to the unemployment line, there remains little traction on a new stimulus package. This stalemate comes as the Senate broke into recess for August, putting aside its talks on a new relief package until September. Anticipation is running high for this new package as a second stimulus check is expected to be included in whatever plan is approved. All indications point to it equating to another $1,200 payment, a bonus that would come as a massive boost for many across the country as the coronavirus pandemic continues to weigh on.