21 Watermelon Creations Too Pretty to Eat

Artists from across the globe have found a new outlet to sculpt with... watermelons! This summer fruit is more than just a tasty and healthy treat, it's now a blank canvas for an artist to create with. My Modern Met has found the top 21 melons of the summer for your viewing pleasure!

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Bear Melon
(Photo: Clive and Sharon Cooper)
Money Melon
(Photo: Valeriano Fatica)
Dragon Head Melon
(Photo: Valeriano Fatica)

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(Photo: Paul Williams)
Gator head melon
(Photo: Clive and Sharon Cooper)
fruit flower
(Photo: Andre Pan)
dragon melons
(Photo: The Invisible Underground)

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Small Flowers melon
(Photo: Art Chef)
tropical melon
(Photo: Takashi Itoh)
4 melons
(Photo: Candi)

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