Coronavirus Update: Interview With Dismissive Spring Breaker Telling Elderly to Stay Inside Goes Viral

While the world continues to shut down one business at a time and government officials urge U.S. citizens to stay inside, spring breakers seem unphased by the coronavirus pandemic. One student was interviewed on the beach in Florida and when confronted with the idea of how it's being encouraged to stay inside, all he had to say what that he "paid for this trip" and suggested that the elderly stay inside.

"I know, but like, I paid for this trip ... I mean think about it, like, if you're elderly, and you're more at risk, and we should be staying inside, spring break is once a year, like," he said before the interviewer responded with, "Well they just said the University of Florida just had four students that contracted it."

"Yeah, that's okay, that's not okay but we're not really at risk of dying necessarily ... I mean elderly and them are more at risk so just have them stay inside ... we're at the beaches and stuff, you can avoid the beaches."

Students in Canada were urged not to participate in any St. Patrick's Day parties during the holiday week, but instead, several did and when one student was asked by a reporter if he thought their large gatherings would aid in spreading the virus, he laughed and said it's not even a question that it will.

"Yeah, you know what? I'm not worried, I know it will, it's not like ... this is not a question. It's not a question because it will definitely spread the disease. Although, you know, do what you can, if you're sick don't go. If you're worried about it, then don't go. If you do attend these be in isolation after the fact, you can do your part for the community."


Currently, the U.S. sits at a total of 33,404 cases of COVID-19 and 400 deaths according to the CDC. A number of celebrities who are currently battling the virus are urging fans to take the outbreak seriously and practice social distancing by staying at home and only going out for essential items if they're unable to stay at home for work.

A number of events have also cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, including the 2020 Olympics that were set to take place in Tokyo. Now, the event will be held next year.