Marco Rubio Makes Glaring Spelling Error in Tweet About 'Martial Law' Hoaxes

After the deadly outbreak of COVID-19, Americans have been questioning whether martial law will take place due to the encouragement of social distancing and after hearing what other countries are doing to take precaution. However, while many have speculated this could soon be the case, Senator Marco Rubio attempted to debunk those rumors, but instead he's now trending for something else.

In a tweet, he spelled the word "martial" as "marshall." So while the intent was to calm everyone down, instead he caught heat for misspelling the word. Several of his followers informed the Florida senator that he did not spell Martial correctly. One person wrote, "It's 'martial', Marco." while someone else commented, "Just a step closer."

While martial law has not been called into play, several cities across the board are shutting down to only essential necessities. On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that a number of non-essential businesses would be closing there, mostly including bars and restaurants, requesting they shut down by 8 p.m. ET. Additionally, some local governments are reducing their workforce by as much as 50 percent and those who are able to work from home are doing so.

Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, also announced the state would be shutting down bars and restaurants through the end of March, with carryout and delivery still available. Several other states are following suit.


While a number of states are taking action in efforts of slowing down the deadly virus, celebrities have now come forward to share that they've tested positive for the coronavirus — including Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, along with Idris Elba, who was the most recent to share his story. In a video Elba shared to Twitter on Monday, he explained that he had tested positive after coming in contact with someone else who tested positive for it last Friday. While he is carrying the virus, he did mention that so far he hasn't felt any symptoms and because of that relays the importance of social distancing because people could carry it for several days without symptoms.

Other celebrities who don't have it are still stepping up to spread awareness on the importance of washing hands regularly and staying away from large crowds. Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds even donated $1 million in efforts to help those in need right now including the elderly and those who don't have the money to stock up a little on groceries.