Watch: Joe Biden Interrupted by Protestors During Super Tuesday Speech

Joe Biden was having a good night. With Super Tuesday in full swing, the Democratic candidate saw his campaign come to fruition as he had a resurgence in his battle for delegates with fellow candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Biden, though, had a brief hiccup in his evening but not by his own doing. During his speech late in the evening, the Scranton, Pennsylvania, native saw an interruption due to protesters running on stage.

Quickly into his speech, one women ran onto the platform just behind Biden and his wife, Jill, chanting "Let Dairy Die." Security quickly subdued the woman before another one ran on stage next, before being taken off rather easily.

The fracas didn't seem to disturb Biden too much as he brushed it off and continued on with his speech as if nothing had happened.

The whole scene created quite the conversation on social media as many were stunned at what was going on during the former vice president's address.

Many were concerned that not one but two people were able to get so close to a candidate.

"Scary," one viewer wrote. "I can’t believe they got that close to him."

Another voiced his concern saying that this is something you never want to see, writing that it "doesn't matter what your personal opinions are."

Others were quick to point out how Biden's wife swiftly placed herself between him and the protestors, even engaging with the second one who ran on stage.

"Dr. Jill Biden jumping between a #LetDairyDie protestor and Joe Biden is the kind of commitment I'm looking for," one user tweeted.


Among his successes on the evening, Biden claimed an upset win in Minnesota thanks to support thrown his way by state senator Amy Klobuchar who ended her campaign and rallied behind Biden.

He also took won in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Massachusetts. Sanders took home the night's biggest prize in California.