Woman Thinks She Has Kidney Stones, Turns out It's Triplets

Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday. A South Dakota woman was feeling some discomfort. Having experienced kidney stones previously, she believed she was getting another bout of the condition. Turns out, it wasn’t that.

The woman, Dannette Glitz, quickly learned she was about to give birth to triplets.

How could that be possible? Well, she had been 34 weeks pregnant at the time. The pain was from being in labor, but she had no idea she had multiple babies on the way, let alone three.

The triplets came out weight approximately four pounds each on Aug. 10. The parents chose the names Blaze, Gypsy and Nikki.

According to ABC affiliate KOTA-TV, Glitz said the whole situation was simply “crazy.”

“You don’t ever see triplets being conceived naturally, let alone 34 weeks without knowing,” she told ABC. “So everyone’s like, ‘We can’t believe.’ I am like, ‘We’re still in shock. Trust me, we know what you mean.”

Her husband, Austin, admitted he was “overwhelmed” after going through the ordeal. He said the whole thing is "still exploding in my head."

"It was quiet; we thought they were done. He's over there, kind of like rocking, like, thinking of the names and then she's like, 'Well, we need another blanket' and his reaction is like, 'Excuse me? Put it back," Danette said of her husband. "No. I was told I have twins; I'm not doing triplets.' She's like, 'No, there's three babies in here; there's triplets.'"

Glitz was already a mother to two before the surprise birth. The article went on to explain how her 10-year-old son was excited to learn of the news, saying that one time he, "wished for a baby brother, and I wish for like two sisters for my little sister because she always wanted a little sister."


The news has quickly found itself in the national spotlight with many people reacting to the surprise birth. The family has been very appreciative of the support they have received since the news began circulating.

All three newborns and the mother are in good health since the ordeal. This whole story certainly will make some think twice the next time they get some questionable pains.