Man Also Named Jeffrey Epstein Getting Lit up on Social Media

A publicist for Disney who happens to share the same name as billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who died over the weekend in a Manhattan jail cell awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, has been getting hammered with tweets meant for the late Epstein.

Jeffrey shared a tweet that quickly went viral over the weekend showing some of the nasty comments directed his way.

"Rot in hell you pervert!" one tweet reads.

"Go to hell, child rapist," another says.

Jeffrey reminded his followers that just because he shares a name with the dead financier, that doesn't mean he's the same person. "I guess I should appreciate all the RIPs, but I'm not dead. And I'm still *not* THAT Jeffrey Epstein," he tweeted on Saturday.

A number of Twitter users, including celebrities, have offered encouragement to the Disney rep, who first started seeing the mix-up following Epstein's arrest in July.

disney-jeffrey-epstein_getty-Alberto E Rodriguez : Staff
(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff, Getty)

"General PSA: My friend [Disney's Jeffrey Epstein] has the same name as the monster arrested today, but he is not THAT #JeffreyEpstein yet his feed is in shambles," Community actress Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted at the time. "My bud, Jeffrey is a lovely guy who works for Disney. Nicest guy EVER."

Jeffrey shared a photo of the two of them on Monday, Brown's birthday, thanking her for her "love and friendship." Despite Jeffrey's previous attempts to differentiate himself from the accused sex trafficker, the tweet garnered comments from confused social media users.

"I don't get it. Isn't this the guy who died?" one person wrote.

"I would hope the 2 different faces would help you see they are in fact 2 different people," another said.

"I don't [know] I thought he aged or some s—," the first fired back.

The billionaire Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell Saturday morning by apparent suicide, though his autopsy results (including official cause of death) are "pending further investigation" according to a statement from the New York City Medical Examiner's office.

"Today, a medical examiner performed the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein. The ME’s determination is pending further information at this time," chief medical examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said in the statement on Sunday.

His death came two weeks after he was found injured in his cell with marks on his neck.

Manhattan federal prosecutors charged Epstein in July with the sex trafficking of girls as young as 14 and the collection of child pornography. A federal indictment unsealed on July 8 detailed that Epstein "sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes," in several locations, including Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida. The indictment also alleges Epstein paid some victims to recruit additional victims.

He pleaded not guilty, but faced up to 45 years in prison if he had been convicted.


His death came a day after court records were unsealed in which Virginia Giuffre alleged that Epstein kept her as a teenage sex slave and force her to have sex and perform erotic massages on a number of powerful people, including Britain's Prince Andrew, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former U.S. senator George Mitchell. All three denied the accusations.

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty


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